Car Paint Protection Sydney

Car Paint Protection Sydney

Should I Apply Car Paint Protection?

If you want to keep the paintwork on your luxury or prestige vehicle in prime condition for years to come, the best option is to apply Car Paint Protection. Every day the paint on your car is attacked by environmental and chemical pollutants, even if you keep it garaged. Over time your shining clear coat will start to fade and the colour will start to fade.

Regular washing will keep your car clean, but it will not protect your car against chemical etching, UV damage and minor scratches. Additionally, bird droppings contain strong digestive acids that can destroy the paintwork of your car.

Car Paint Protection acts as a bodyguard for your car and is the best long-term solution for keeping your car in pristine condition. Maintaining the shine and polish of your car is an important way to ensure you can increase the resale value of your car.

What Is Brila Liquid Glass Paint Protection?

Widely considered by many industry experts as one of the best ceramic paint protection treatments on the market, Brila Liquid Glass is a synthesised clear coating that provides excellent water repellency and protection. This inorganic silica glass coating is manufactured in Japan and provides incredible glossiness and shine.

With abrasion and scratch resistance as well as superior UV protection, Brila Liquid Glass is an effective means of protecting your car from harsh environmental pollutants. The unique formulation does not contain carbon or methyl, thereby Brila Liquid Glass does not degrade over time. As Brila Liquid Glass has a double layer hybrid structure that comprises a hydrophobic coat and a silica glass coat, the final result is incredible shine, lustre and polish. Brila Liquid Glass has been extensively researched and tested and is proven to offer superb grime resistance efficiency.

Compared to other paint protection treatments on the market, nothing is as durable as Brila Liquid Glass.

Most car dealers in Sydney offer new car paint protection treatments using organic products. These products contain carbon organics that can deteriorate and weaken over time. Brila Liquid Glass is a state-of-the-art formulation that contains polysilazane which does not crystallize.

Brila Liquid Glass is not a wax, sealant or standard paint protection treatment. If you are looking for the absolute best ceramic paint protection available in Sydney, rely on Brila Liquid Glass.

BRILA Liquid Glass Paint Protection

Sydney Car Paint Protection

Why Choose Definitive Car Detailing?

Paint Protection Experts – Definitive Car Detailing is committed to the highest standard of prestige car detailing and the professional application of ceramic paint protection. Leaving no stone unturned, we continue to research and refine our approaches to ensure we can provide you with the very best treatments for your car. We use the premium grade polishes and specialised detailing equipment to ensure your paint is properly prepared so that our results more than surpass your expectations. Our car detailing studio on the North Shore is fitted out with some of the most advanced lighting and paint treatment equipment to ensure that when your car is completed it has a mirror-like finish that has to be seen to be believed. We endeavour to be at the forefront of the industry. Our fastidious techniques and meticulous attention to detail allow us to keep producing results that our clients are happy to recommend.

Comprehensive Paint Preparation – When you engage the services of Definitive Car Detailing your car will thank you. Unlike a car wash cafe or a bucket and sponge service, Frank will undertake a thorough inspection of your paintwork and create a customised treatment to provide you with the best results. Before the paint protection is applied your car will be washed with a pH neutral solution then decontaminated with a Ferrex Iron Particle treatment. To ensure a perfect bond of the ceramic paint protection a chemical decontamination with Isopropyl Alcohol will be performed. Multi-stage paint correction and surface preparation guarantee that your car will have the ultimate shine and lustre. To learn more visit the paint correction Sydney page.

Car Detailing North Shore Experts – Locally owned and operated, at Definitive Car Detailing we take pride in our work and will do everything we can to ensure that you are willing to recommend our services to your friends and family. We put our heart into every job and take the initiative to go above and beyond the industry standard. With an extensive base of satisfied customers from all over Sydney, we hope that you will also recommend us as your favourite Sydney car detailer on the completion of your job.

Hassle Free Service – Call Frank today to book in your car and experience the ultimate in professionalism. With a free loan car or pick up and drop off service, having your car detailed has never been easier. Our technicians are more than happy to take the time to explain the specific techniques we use and will help you master the best methods of keeping your car in pristine condition. For the ultimate in respect and first-rate customer care, trust the industry experts at Definitive Car Detailing.

Total Car Care – We are obsessed with providing your car with the ultimate detailing experience. Our detailing services meet exhibition standards. We are authorised by some of the industry’s leading paint protection brands and continue to expand our skills and expertise. To discover how comprehensive our interior and exterior detailing services are come and explore our car detailing page.